Step 1

·      Guided conversations with representatives of youth organisations to learn about their initiatives on social and environmental solidarity

·      2 local roundtables in 6 countries during which youth representatives exchange their experience and aimed at the establishment of local youth networks of future Ambassadors of under-represented young people

·      An International Youth-net Forum in Palermo (Italy) with the participation of partners and youth representatives to create the transnational REBUILD Network

Step 2

·      Delivery of 8 workshops with 28 under-represented young people in each partner country on capacity building and project design

·      After the training, young people will be divided in teams and implement their project ideas over 4 months

Step 3

·      National contests in each partner country will vote the best project idea, whose team will travel to Brussels during the International Summit at the end of the project

·      Online thematic fora for transnational exchange among youth ambassadors

Step 4

·      Consultations with 2 policy makers in the field of youth in each partner country

·      Development of the REBUILD Strategy Paper containing evidence-based policy recommendations about lessons learnt from Youth teams’ experiences

·      International Youth Summit in Brussels to promote the youth networks and raise awareness among youth stakeholders at EU level