Rea-textiles is making fashion circular through the use of dead-stock materials and by upcycling high quality leather and textiles from Italy.

Untold Cyrpus is bringing the spotlight to everyday heroes to create an immersive multimedia story platform.

PlanBe, Plan it Be it has formed a platform of communication for the exchange of ideas and the productive cooperation of young people in a variety of subjects of interest.

Athinodoros Georgiou is creating Cypriot handicrafts with the goal of passing the rich culture of his country to the next generation.

Round Table club is an initiative that broadcasts live seminars and podcasts to deliver free information, from professionals in different fields, to society.

Cyprus Scout Association takes an active part in national, regional and international Scout events and have been assisting with the refugee crisis and local humanitarian actions across the island and beyond.

See Why is an informal group with the aim to work close to young people and with youth workers, through different activities, seminars and training courses.

Sousana Petri is a a ceramicist-designer-maker passionate about ceramics and her love for Cyprus, as she want to preserve the Cypriot traditions.

The Global Shapers Community is an exciting network of young people under the age of 30 working together to tackle regional and global challenges.