Hellenic Youth Participation, during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoted sustainable fashion and raised awareness about consumer choices and their social and environmental impacts.

Organization Earth’s programmes connect people with nature and engage them in more sustainable behaviors in their daily lives.

StoryLiving” is promoting digital storytelling as a methodology and as a communication and healing tool for youth living with ASD and other mental health disorders.

DARE T0 DANCE – The 3D project is inspiring young people by promoting solidarity, self-growth and teamwork through the combination of dance theater classes, non-violent communication and video dance workshops.

All For Blue organization has the mission of protecting the seas and oceans through education and experiential cleanup actions.

 University of Peloponnese’s #YouEU is a project that encourages youth to collaborate by exchanging ideas, practices and beliefs about Europe.

Elix, during the pandemic, came up with new ideas to continue offering their learning programmes. Of course, it was not easy at all, given the fact that refugee camps lack internet access.

Solidarity missions, through their initiative “Amazing Youth”, is cooking and serving meals for homeless people, as well as offering stationery, toys and other gifts to children without a family or from very poor households.