Vilkaviškis Children and Youth Centre Open Youth Centre (VVJC), through “MINTIs” initiative, is working towards giving visitors of the Vilkaviskis Open Youth centre the opportunity to take part in active physical activities.

Jaunimas YRÀ is fostering conversations on Facebook on mental health and wellbeing thanks to their initiative “Shout a Question to a Psychologist”.

JUSPO, with “Change and improve”, offers young people the chance to develop theoretical and practical competencies they don’t usually get in school.

OPEN established the “Open Youth Career Advice Centre” to provide young people with guidance regarding their professional future.

Informal active youth group from Švenčionys’s project aims at reducing exclusion among people with disabilities and involve them in social activities.

Mindletic developed an online emotional health fitness club where everyone can train their emotional muscles individually, with a community or with professionals.

Gedimino Legionas‘ mission is to develop a volunteers’ base who are able to mobilise in times of emergency, using a wide range of technologies such as cybernetics, the internet of things, drones or data.

Pasodinkmedį.lt helps ordinary people (but also companies!) to do a good deed for the world by planting a tree with no previous preparation needed.